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Crêperie Marianne


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espresso & coffee are included in all our menus

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only first-class and freshest ingredients, careful and harmonious compositions prepared with love.

Eye’s temptation becomes seduction by taste!

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À la carte

Here are some suggested fillings for our Crêpes and Galettes.

We like to experiment and are happy to personalise your Crêpes and Galettes to create your dream menu!


Chèvre chaude

Galette or Crêpe with warm goat’s cheese, onions, salad and tomato


Galette or Crêpe with mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto


Galette or Crêpe with feta, tomato, cucumber, olives, onions and Tzatziki


Galette or Crêpe with seasonal braised vegetables

   Main Courses



Galette or Crêpe with 3 cheeses: Camembert, Comté, Bleu


Galette or Crêpe with cooked ham, cheese, onions and salad

Sophia Loren

Galette or Crêpe with cooked ham, cheese      and a fried egg


Galette or Crêpe with a melted creamy Gorgonzola sauce with salad


Galette or Crêpe with Roquefort, walnuts  and salad


Galette or Crêpe with potatoes, cheese     and onions

Savoyarde Royale

Galette or Crêpe with potatoes, cheese     and a fried egg


Galette or Crêpe with sausage and caramelised onions

 Fruits de Mer

Galette or Crêpe with king prawns/mussels and a garlic crème fraîche


Galette or Crêpe with sardines or anchovies, olives and onions

Forêt Noire (Black Forest)

Galette or Crêpe with smoked black forest ham and caramelised onions

Hurrican Forêt Noire

very spicy!

Galette or Crêpe with smoked black forest ham, caramelised onions and a chili-garlic-paste


Only Galette!
with foie gras and caramelised onions

d’Artagnan flambée

Galette d’Artagnan flambéed with Armagnac

Desserts (Crêpes)



Sugar & Cinnamon

Sugar & Lemon

very British!

Apple Purée

Apple Purée & Cinnamon

Cherry Jam

Raspberry Jam



with Grand Marnier

Sweet Forêt Noire

cherries, cinnamon, chocolate,           whipped cream and Kirsch

Little Monkey

childen’s surprise!

About us

We love the simple pleasures

but good they must be.

Our Philosophy:

no industrial products, organic and artisanal wherever possible.

We take great care to source our organic products locally.

– and our Crêperie is the perfect setting for exactly these protagonists.

Hans & Marianne


Citroën Typ HY 1972

Lovingly restored and rebuilt by hand, our HY accompanies us from the very beginning.

He stands for what we are – UNIQUE!

Our Zenith Express

built in 1950 near Marseille, she is a rare collectible.

With us she must not stay in a display. She can do what she does best:  Espresso perfetto!

And of course, not just any bean goes into our Zenith.    Our espresso beans come from a small noble roastery with which we have been working for years.


Aux Anges

Durban - Gascogne, France

Château d'Arzens

Arzens - Gascogne, France

Château Labrihe

Labrihe - Gascogne, France

Château de Lartigolle

Pessan - Gascogne, France

Château Puissentut

Homps - Gascogne, France

Château Rigaud

Mouliets - Aquitaine, France


Auch - Gascogne, France

Domaine de Peyloubère

Pavie - Gascogne, France

Foire de Printemps

Isle de Noé - Gascogne, France

Foire d'Automne

Isle de Noé - Gascogne, France

Domaine des Cassagnoles

Gondrin - Gascogne, France

Trad' Envie

Pavie - Gascogne, France

Classic Festival

Nogaro - Gascogne, France

Classic Days

Magny Cours - Bourgogne, France

24e Rencontre 2CV

Nîmes - Languedoc, France

Marché Franco-Allemand

Neuenburg - BW, Allemagne


Lörrach - BW, Allemagne

Telekom Deutschland

Freiburg - BW, Allemagne

Tchanqua Deuch

Arcachon - Aquitaine, France

Crêperie Marianne

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Gascony / France

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